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Peter is easy to get a hold of and straight to the point and doesn’t waste your time on anything. I had court within 3 hours before contacting him and he was there on the spot and helped me out. I would recommend him to everyone

- (5 star review)

When I needed help fast.

With approx. 15 hours until my court hearing I called Mr. Marek and asked for his free consultation. During that time he stayed late and showed me a couple ways my case could go. He explained fully in detail what I was being charged with and the differences between felonies and misdemeanors. Following that he shared his success rate with similar cases and the approach he uses help get what the client wants. He always hold himself with high confidence and his knowledge on everything was excellent. We have been able to get everything we’ve requested at each hearing, due to his planning and preparation going into the hearings. We are on the brink of getting everything completely resolved. Mr. Marek has done everything on his side to get me to where I am right now in my case and it’s all in my hands now to get this all dropped and taken care of. His experience as a prior district attorney definitely helped us out in our case as well. His fees are considerably low and has been very helpful in giving me time to make payments.

Very veteran friendly as well, for I myself am a veteran and greatly appreciate all that he has done for me.

- (5 star review)


After reviewing for a DUI Lawyer. I called Peter on a Saturday while my son was at work. Peter said he would help us, and to call him when my son gets off of work. At that time Peter had already left his office, and was already in his driveway, but he returned to his office to settle our case. Peter went to court with us, and My son was not charged with a DUI. Mr. Marek was a great help to me and my family, and I would like to thank him.
PS. His office was very comfortable, he’s also friendly and funny

- (5 star review)

Great Lawyer! Put my mind at ease in an unfortunate event, and guided me the whole way through ๐Ÿ™‚

I unfortunately received a DUI and had no clue where to go from there or how it would affect me. Mr. Marek walked me through each step of the process, got a few charges dropped, appeared for me in court and took care of the entire case all the while keeping me informed. He was always reachable, answered all my questions, and explained the whole process to me every step of the way. I never misssed work, and I was able to sleep well knowing my case was being handled by a true professional.

- (5 star review)

This Is Someone That Really Cares About Helping You In And Out Of The Court Room!!

So to my own constant mistakes I was being charged with my third Dui. I have a great job and had just bought a house in the last year and completely thought I was going to lose everything, I was freaking out which is a complete understatement!! I started to research dui lawyers on the Internet in my area and couldn’t find anyone I thought could truly help me so I broaded my search and came across Peter on Avvo, so I gave him a call. Before I could even tell him what happened or even meet with him in person he gave me a hour lesson on the phone on everything I needed to do to better my chances of fighting this. I hadn’t even given the guy a dime or even set up a free hour consultation yet. He completely made me feel at ease and totally blew me away on his knowledge of how the courts and DA would approach my case. I knew that right then he was the guy I wanted to defend me!!
So with my third Dui I was looking at 5 yrs probation, 30 month dui classes, thousands and thousands of dollars in fines and the biggest of all up to 1 year in jail. I thought my life was over and to be honest after looking at my case there was know chance of getting it dropped completely but Peter reassured me that he would do what he calls “Damage Control” and he did exactly that. The case did drag on longer then I wanted it to but I couldn’t ask for a better outcome given my situation. When it was all said and done I recieved 3 yrs probation, 18 month dui classes, dropped my fines to lower then expected and to top it off I got only 100 days of community service which in reality is amazing compared to spending 1 year of your life in jail. Also with me working a full time job, I wasn’t able to fill the obligation of the courts for community service because they wanted me to work 5 days a week because of how many days I had to serve but Peter once again came through by telling me we can split sentence the 100 days so I only do 50 days now and then 50 days later which in turned made it so I only had to do community service 2 days a week!! So that in itself saved my job, also to add it is very rare that a judge will allow u to do a split sentence but Peter pulled it off somehow which still amazes me!!
I completely recommend Peter for your Dui case, with the 25 plus years of experience and the knowledge he has, there is no one I have come across that will work as hard as him to beat or lower your case. I mean he even gave me his personal cell phone number so I could reach him at anytime day or night and everytime I called him he would answer and would take as much time to answer all my question!! I personally want to thank him. I’m not completely in the clear with putting this behind me but Peter sure gave me a fighting chance by being in my corner!!!

- (5 star review)

Amazing lawyer that is knowledgeable and a straight shooter. Do not hesitate to give Peter a call!!

I was recently in trouble with the law that would have affected my professional career. Being a graduate student at UOP, I was naturally very worried about what was going to happen to my future. I found Peter on avvo and he was unanimously endorsed by other lawyers as the person I should speak to about my particular case. I gave Peter a call and his one-hour free consultation was so informative and eased my worry so I knew he was the layer that I needed. I met up with Peter the next day to go over my case personally and we developed a plan in order to get the best possible results from both sides (mine vs. the Courts).

Throughout the entire process, Peter was very comforting and walked me through each step of the process. The court date was scheduled by Peter just 3 days after my courtesy notice came in the name and Peter delivered on exactly what I wanted the result of the court case to be.

Peter even called me after the case was finished to ask how I was doing. I will never hesitate to call Peter for legal counsel but God forbid if that day should ever come again. Peter is a straight shooter and will not lie or sugarcoat your case for you. He will truthfully tell you his professional opinion and because he has worked as a District Attorney in the area, he will be able to provide you valuable experience in what the Court might say.

- (5 star review)

would refer to my friends

Have used him a couple times, everytime had good experience. easy to get a hold of stays on top of things. Really appreciated his services.

- (5 star review)

100% excellent experience

I am a truck driver and I got a speeding ticket. I found Peter online and called him because he had excellent ratings. I got a return call right away. After explaining to Peter that I needed to avoid getting a point on my record because of the ticket he assured me that he will do all that he can to help me out. He explained to me that he cannot make any promises but he believed that he could get rid of the point on my record. We never met in person. All of our communication and payments happened over the phone or online. He was extremely through, helpful, attentive, knowledgeable, friendly, and persistent. He constantly called me to update me on the status of my case of to offer different options. He went to court and was able to make it happen. He was successfully able to avoid the point on my record. I felt like Peter had my best interest in mind the entire process and did his very best to do what I hired him to do. I would recommend him 100%. Excellent experience.

- (5 star review)

Clear guidance through the court system in a very unfamiliar situation

Having been through an incident back in 2007 which led to unfamiliar circumstances, Peter walked me through everything that was about to unfold before me. Not only did was he able to provide great advice, he made himself available for communication when I needed him the most.

We didn’t meet at a situation I would be proud of, however, having him in my corner reassured me that I made at least one right choice in the matter!

When I first contacted Peter, he laid down the ground work on how the courts were going to work, the process I should expect, and how this would change my future. I didn’t have to worry after our initial consultation, because Pete was on my side.

I’d highly recommend Peter Merek as an attorney for his professionalism, personal demeanor, and his devoted work ethic. Thank you so much!

- (5 star review)

Look No Further

He is a great man and an even better lawyer. He is honest and forthright. He never gave me any false hopes but in the end he delivered beyond my expectations. Great price for an even greater lawyer. Do yourself a favor and look no further.

- (5 star review)

Peter John Marek is amazing!

Hello all, my name is Matthew. I recently was pulled over on my way to work for driving on a suspended license with a previous DUI record. I was not taken to jail but I was very scared about the potential consequences of what happened. My fiance is pregnant with our first child, and not used to being in legal trouble, I was scared both to be away from her and spend time in jail. Being an overly stressful situation there was nowhere for us to turn because we have not lived in the area long. After some research, we found Peter J. Marek on a Yahoo search. Based on his excellent track record on this site and others, we decided to reach out to him. He answered the phone the first time we called and was more than happy to find time in his already busy schedule to meet with us. When we drove to Stockton to meet him he was very upbeat and friendly. I have never felt more confident in someone whom I did not knows ability to get the job done. His experience speaks for itself, but he went on to explain to us not only details about the case I was facing, but his well fostered relationships with several prosecutors and judges that would most likely hear my case. Peter was professional from beginning to end, and never made us feel uncomfortable with legal jargon or intimidation of any kind. Anyone who is smart will call this man when in legal trouble. His knowledge of the legal system is vast, and his experience is invaluable. If you are looking for someone who will get you results, and make you feel at ease, Peter is your man. He is funny, and easy going, making the whole bad situation you might find yourself in seem not as big. Knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and reliable, there is nobody I would recommend better than Peter. Peter, thank you again so much for your service to me and my fiance. You made us feel at ease, and like family. We appreciate all of it and thank you for your utmost professionalism as an attorney, you truly are a class act.

- (5 star review)

Very Good Job

Very prompt! He did a great job and everything was done in a timely fashion. There wasn’t any question about us not getting our ticket handled. He took care of everything for us!! Thank You

- (5 star review)

Great lawyer!

Peter did a great job on a 2nd DUI I got. Got me the greatest results possible and very responsive, makes everything so much easier! Definitely trustworthy. Thanks peter!

- (5 star review)


Peter John Marek went the extra mile for me I highly recommend him he went above and beyond and was easy to get a hold of as well thank you for your services Peter he is very knowledgable in what he does he helped me with my Dui case in Stockton ca took care of all my dmv hearings as well got me the minimum in my case for that I’m thankful thank you Peter John Marek

- (5 star review)

Criminal case

I would highly recommend Peter Marek…for a criminal defenses Lawyer….I hired Peter in a criminal felony case he work my case and got it dropped down to a misdemeanor.then he got my case dismissed..I had experiences with other lawyers and Peter is a class of his own I would highly recommend him to anyone you would certainly get your moneys worth and sum..

- (5 star review)

Excellent lawyer

He is a great lawyer he always kept me informed. Did a great job on my case and put my mind to ease and Definitly recommend him for all cases.

- (5 star review)

Hes a great lawyer, he pick up to all your calls and he makes time for you.

Peter has helped me with a big case. He did a very good job. My felony were dismissed in three courts. Peter really knows what hes talking about , very very helpful. I really recommend him.

- (5 star review)

Hiring Peter was the best decision I could have made!

Where do I begin?
I am a young mother of one son who is two years old. I have a good job, pay rent, and own a car. I pay all my bills on time, I consider myself to be a very responsible person. Unfortunately, on one night out at a family function I made a terrible decision to drink and drive. What’s worse is that I had my son in my vehicle at the time. I ended up hitting another car and fortunately it was a very minor collision and no one was hurt. However, I was charged that night with driving under the influence and because my son was in the car I was also being charged with child endangerment. I was so ashamed. My whole world turned upside down and I was facing some serious charges that put my job in jeopardy but most importantly my time with my son. I was so stressed out and scared of what the outcome would be. So I decided to hire a lawyer. I got a lot of letters in the mail from different lawyers that could potentially represent me. Peter Marek’s letter however, was the only one that stood out to me because it seemed to be the most genuine. And I was right. I met with him for a free consultation and he explained everything to me right down to the very last detail. My experience with him was such a positive one. He took so much weight off my shoulders and I was finally able to breathe again and not be so worried and afraid because I truly believed he had my best interest at heart. It was also a plus that his hiring fee was super afordable and he even set up a flexible payment plan for me. Long story short, he got my charges reduced. I was so happy with the outcome. I didn’t have to go jail and he got my worst charge which was the child endangerment dropped completely! I was and still am so grateful for what he did for me and what he continues to do for others! He is an amazing lawyer! He’s super informative and ALWAYS answers when you call or simply have a question. He doesn’t give you the run around or sugar coat things, he wants the best for his clients. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! If you’re in trouble and you’re in need of legal representation, Peter Marek is who you want to call.

- (5 star review)

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