Peter John Marek

Peter J. Marek has thirty years experience defending those charged with crimes near Stockton, California. Focused on criminal defense, the former Deputy District Attorney provides representation against violent and non-violent criminal charges, both felonies and misdemeanors, DUI, DWI, and domestic violence.

Criminal Defense in Stockton

When you’ve been charged with a crime, you need to take immediate and decisive action on your own behalf. Obtaining qualified representation is an essential first step. By working with an attorney with ample experience in criminal cases, you have your best chance at defending yourself against the charges brought against you and avoiding conviction. Mr. Marek’s past experience as a prosecutor, and more than 30 years experience as a criminal defender, gives him an edge in defending clients against criminal charges. He uses his past experience to build the best possible case for each and every client, providing them with dedicated and aggressive defense.

DUI and DWI in Stockton

DUI and DWI are especially important accusations to defend against, because they are crimes that compound with every charge. For a first offense, a person convicted of DUI will pay approximately $1,800 in fines, spend 48 hours in jail or receive a possible 90-day license suspension, as well as having to attend an alcohol treatment program.

A second DUI conviction within 10 years of the first typically carries the same fine, may require up to ten days in jail, and an 18-month alcohol treatment program. A driver’s license may also be suspended for two years.

With a third offense, a convicted person can serve up to four months in jail and have his or her license revoked for three years, while a fourth conviction may result in six months in jail and a four-year suspension of a driver’s license.​

Since losing your license makes it difficult to get to work and perform other day-to-day activities, it’s essential to prepare an adequate defense. Mr. Marek had years of experience representing DUI and DWI cases for clients in the San Francisco Bay area.

Stockton, California Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction has a major impact on your life. Keeping criminal charges off your record should be top priority when you’ve been charged with a crime. An attorney with ample experience in defending against criminal charges provides you your best chance at acquittal. Mr. Marek has built a career out of defending clients against criminal charges and getting them the outcome they deserve.

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